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Delivering a Physical Experience in a Virtual Environment
Hassle-Free – Reliable – Secure, Service and Support from decade-old veterans in the industry.

VCNow is a decade-old nationwide organisation with a presence in 23 Cities. We provide end-to-end managed physical and Virtual / Hybrid Events and Conference Services, from planning to infrastructure set-up to the delivery of complex high-end events with immersive experiences to audiences of all scales and from every corner of the globe.


Adaptable Hybrid Event Solutions

Physical (On-ground) Events

Delivering a seamless on-ground physical events experience tailored for impact.

Virtual & Hybrid Events

Uniting audiences worldwide through virtual and hybrid events that transcend geographical boundaries.

Online Events

Redefining digital engagement with dynamic online events that captivate and connect.

Innovate your next Event with VCNow’s Expertise

With a track record of successfully executing over 2000+ eAGMs, Quarterly Investor Update Conferences and Investor/Analyst/Institution Meet Events for India’s top-listed companies, VCNow stands out as a leader in virtual event management. Our team comprises veterans with decades of proven experience, specialising in delivering virtual critical events that prioritise Corporate Governance and Company compliance, including e-AGMs, Investor Update/Presentation conferences, Analysts/Institution Meets and Conference Call Updates.

Our innovative features include:

  1. Live Multi-lingual Translations in a Live Video Conference
  2. Customised Branding Environment for Speakers and Participants in the Video Conference
  3. 3D Virtual Environments
  4. AI Transcription
  5. Prompt and Secure Company Compliant AGM/Board Meeting Recording Facility with Date and Time Stamp
  6. Ground support is available in 23 Cities

These advancements ensure a seamless and impactful virtual event experience tailored to your specific needs.


A. Production Facilities for Live Events, Virtual Events and Hybrid Events

  1. Capturing – multiple audio video feeds from multiple locations and devices, integrating, mixing the same and delivering them as per layouts required
  2. Online Editing – Live Online Editing
  3. Screen Layovers / Supers – Custom branded screen layovers
  4. Chroma Screen Capture
  5. Assistance in attaching Virtual backgrounds for Presenters
  6. Content Playback – Images, Presentations, Audio, Videos
  7. Connecting Conference Rooms as well as Desktops and Tabs / Mobiles

B. High-End Professional AV & VC Set up along with Chroma Green Screen Setups

C. Virtual Event Sets & Graphics:

  1. Walk through – Animation leading.
  2. Lobby – Animation Playback, 3D Static, 3D Interactive,
  3. Information / Help Desk
  4. Auditorium
  5. HTML 5 Browser-based, accessible on all devices.
  6. Event in Custom Environment as per client brief and brand guidelines
  7. Integration with Social Media Platforms.

D. Built-in High Reliability, Full Responsibility and Zero Hassles for Customer

  1. Site Certification & Pre-Testing
  2. Experts with Decade of Experience sensitively hand hold Sr Executives
  3. Audio, Video, Network, Lighting and backdrop tested and corrected if required
  4. Event Show Flow defined and worked upon
  5. Pro-active Event Management, including back ups
  6. Prior day Dry Runs
  7. Advance Set up on the day of the Event for final testing and settling down before the Event
E. User Engagement:

  1. User Registration
  2. Engaging Screen Layouts
  3. Poll
  4. Chat
  5. Live 2-way interactions Q&A for Select identified Pre-tested Participants
  6. Hybrid Interactions
  7. Customer Ads and Audio Visuals can be played before, during and after the Event
  8. Break out Rooms
  9. E-voting integration as per Customer tie up with NSDL, CSDL, and Karvy

E. Analytics & Tracking:

  1. Registered
  2. Viewed
  • High-quality video and Audio: creating an immersive and engaging experience for all attendees.
  • Best Security Measures advanced encryption and authentication protocols to safeguard sensitive information and ensure a secure environment.
  • Customization Options with a Personalized Touch and Service: From branding elements to agenda customization, VC Now provides a personalized touch.
  • Technical Support: dedicated support team to ensure a smooth and stress-free AGM experience
  • Seamless Interaction: interactions between speakers and participants, Q&A sessions, polling, etc.
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Why choose VC Now for your events?

Presence in 30 Cities covering most State Capitals – 40 High-Definition Video Conference Centres across India

Decades of Experience in Managing Video Conferencing, Webinars, Webcast and Virtual Events, eAGMs

Intellectual Property and proven Processes developed over years of experience

VCNow ensures a Great Quality of Service and Experience (references can be provided on demand)

Hassle Free 100% Support

Security and Confidentiality through proven processes

100% Reliability and Success guaranteed.

Deep understanding of Virtual AGM Notices, Guidelines, Procedures and Processes

Best Price Value offer in the industry

VCNow Platform for Market Research

VCNow combines VC domain knowledge along with cutting edge AI Tools to not only deliver a tech enabled platform to connect Respondents to Moderators and Clients but taking a step further in providing multiple innovations.

In today's lightning-fast market, understanding your customers is a race against time. Their desires and preferences constantly evolve, making it crucial for marketers to anticipate their needs and make winning decisions before trends even shift. However, traditional research methods were often time-consuming and geographically limited. The shift to virtual interactions, while initially driven by the pandemic, has created a wealth of untapped consumer insights.

Our cutting-edge, AI-powered Interactions to Insights platform leverages video conferencing to deliver data-rich insights from virtual interactions. This capability allows marketers to reveal the emotions, motivations, and subconscious desires that drive consumer behaviour. The platform is technologically advanced and cost-effective, making market research operationally viable. Market research is almost always a team effort, and VCNow empowers your team to uncover the deeper drivers behind consumer behaviour.

Outdoor and Virtual VC Events

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Congnygix organised a virtual event titled “Leadership during Crisis.” as a tribute to our brave forces.

Tata Trusts’ Live Book Launch with Hon. Vice President M.
Venkaiah Naidu


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