VCNow Platform for Market Research

Leveraging the Next Generation of Tools for Market Research

VCNow combines its domain knowledge of video conferencing and audio-visual technologies with cutting-edge AI tools to deliver a tech-enabled platform that connects respondents to moderators and clients and takes a step further in providing multiple innovations.

  • The platform facilitates virtual connections, maintains recording archives, automates session transcriptions, captures consumer online shop-along journeys, and connects multiple entities in the research activity.
  • The platform offers real-time translation, speech-to-text transcription, top-line summaries, and AI-powered insights with industry-specific accuracy refinement by subject matter experts.
  • The platform ensures bias-free, accurate results with minimal human intervention, delivering faster turnaround times and human-quality insights.
  • Our innovative service model integrates various technologies, requires no client setup and offers services for individual interactions or entire projects.
  • The platform reduces the effort, time and cost of converting interviews to insights.

VCNow thus emerges as an indispensable partner for feeling the pulse of consumers in an ever-evolving market landscape.

Addressing Real-World Challenges in Market Research

Balancing AI and Human Expertise

While AI automates tasks, human oversight is crucial to avoid misinterpretations.

Bias Management

Training the AI and establishing protocols are essential to minimise bias in the results.

Cost Control

Balancing advanced technology with research quality requires ongoing cost management strategies.

Adapting to Change

The platform adapts to the dynamic nature of research (languages, dialects, topics).

Transcription Efficiency

AI accelerates time-consuming transcription processes while improving accuracy.

Real-Time Insights

The platform provides immediate access to transcribed data, eliminating delays.

Multilingual Support

AI tools overcome language barriers and enhance searchability for easy data retrieval.

Robust Search and Security

Comprehensive search features and adherence to data security/privacy standards.

From Setup to Insights: VCNow Manages It All

VCNow manages the entire process, from connecting respondents, moderators, translators and clients to ensuring good audio, video and network quality. This ensures responses are captured well and stimuli content (if any) is shared virtually without impacting the experience. VCNow also manages and orchestrates the entire session, providing real-time support for troubleshooting any issues.

Recordings are then archived and uploaded for transcription, where they are processed through various tools to generate the desired output based on the objective and discussion guide.

This offers global reach, diverse engagement and faster market time. It delivers as good as, if not better than, human-quality accuracy, is cost-efficient, and enhances collaboration, leading to savings in time, money, and human effort. The comfort and confidence provided to respondents foster authentic feedback using a secure, user-friendly platform for effective implementation.

Contact With Us

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