About Us

VCNow, also known as Unified Collaboration Services (UCS), specializes in Video Conferencing and Executive Education. Our leadership boasts over a decade of experience managing video solutions and fostering trust through strong partnerships across 27 cities and 34 centers in India. Our expansion into Executive Education stems from our mission of connecting individuals, enabling them to focus on their goals regardless of the distance. We stand firm in our belief that “Video is our DNA.”

Who we are – Company Profile

We are a team of telecom veterans, innovators, and pathfinders who pioneered and popularised the concept of video conferencing and executive education in India, connecting people everywhere. Our team has a legacy of delivering many firsts in telecom innovations, especially in video conferencing, including live surgeries, court cases, product launches, CEO town halls, and even marriages, revolutionizing the way corporate India conducts business. “Impossible” is not a word in our dictionary, and we have delivered everything our clients have asked for. We innovate and find a way to make it happen.

Founded in 2014, VCNow quickly became a trusted expert in the B2B video solutions due to our team’s decades of experience, passion, intellect, and service orientation in this realm. Our senior management is actively engaged in all aspects of service delivery and maintains close contact with our clients’ management teams, ensuring an understanding of their evolving needs. Our entire team, including on-site support engineers, is deeply committed to customer service.

Our clientele includes companies of all sizes, from SMEs to multinational conglomerates, covering nearly every vertical. Some of our marquee prestigious/leading clients include Hindustan Unilever, Cipla, Novartis, Glenmark, Mahindra & Mahindra, Tata Motors, ICICI Bank, NSE, HDFC Ltd., and many more. Our portfolio covers the entire gamut of video conferencing and associated AV services, allowing our clients to focus entirely on their core business while we manage their end-to-end video needs.

What we do – Core Team

VCNow is team of innovative pathfinders, passionate about leveraging the power of Audio, Video & Conferencing and Executive Education Services to impact life in a positive manner.

Delivery Business Value

VCNow Services deliver impact across all the functions of the Organizations right from:

  • HR for recruitment
  • L&D for training
  • Sales for reviewing and connecting with remote teams.
  • Marketers: Feel the pulse of your customers virtually
  • Test and Launch Roll out Product Launch Events across India
  • Company Secretaries: Conduct e-AGMs and Board meetings, Investor Relation IR Calls

VCNow works with the IT / Admin / Facilities teams – to take away the everyday hassle of Managing High Stakes Important Meetings Events & Conferences by delivering VC as a Service (VCaaS) right from Scheduling, Connecting, Trouble Shooting, Resolving, and providing Meeting Analytics.

The triple bottom line impact is an advantage for CFOs – in meeting their business and Corporate Governance goals:

  • People – Reduction in non-value-added activities and increasing efficiency.
  • Cost savings – Reduction in wasteful expenditure
  • Efficiency – Improving performance through improved collaboration.
  • Carbon Goals – Reduction of carbon footprint by reducing non-essential travel.
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Beyond Organizations

VCNow believes every aspect of society can leverage the power of video as it offers solutions and services that benefit even the most remote parts of the country through connectivity solutions like:

Top Education Institutions: Access to deliver high quality Executive Education – delivering the near best experience in comparison to a physical classroom.

  • Working Executives: upskill, re-skill for career and growth enhancement.
  • Doctors – CMEs, Webcast of Surgeries from OT, Advisory Boards
  • Market Researchers – Feel the pulse of customers across India.
  • Judiciary – Connecting people to Courts through online sessions.

We also connect people in remote and inaccessible places through wearable VC Devices which aid mobility.

In a nutshell, we ensure and deliver a great and exhilarating quality of service and experience through our People, Process and Intellectual Property built over a 2-decade experience.

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Leadership Team

Darayus Mehta

Founder, Director

Milind Akolkar

Founder & Director

Suresh Sundaram

Founder & Director

Pulak Pattanayak

Co-Founder & Director

Vipin Khanna

Founder & Director

Our Dream, Vision & Mission

Our Dream

To break the boundaries of imagination in delivering world-class innovations to audio video connectivity.

Our Mission

To foster an efficient and trustworthy ecosystem by leveraging the potential of audio-video connectivity, without eradicating the essence of human connect.

Our Vision

To be pioneers, enablers, and facilitators in driving innovations and providing connectivity solutions in a hyperconnected world, building bridges that connect people and organisations to shape their reality and evolving needs.

Our Passion & Values

Our Passion is deeply linked to our work! VIDEO IS OUR DNA – VCNow is a Video-first company founded and run by professionals who pioneered the rollout of large-scale B2B video conferencing (VC) services in their previous roles. The team lives and breathes video.

Since then, we have strived to bridge distances and bring the power aid of video to deliver exceptional services and video quality that makes distance disappear. Today, more than ever, the world is waking up to the benefits of Video and long-distance connectivity and we aim to continue contributing to changing the equation for cutting down corporate expenditure in terms of global travel and reducing Carbon footprints.

Our customers value us in the market for:

Authentic, dependable, reliable, trustworthy partnership.

Being experienced pioneers, facilitators, and experts with the abilities and knowledge to deliver expert solutions to tough problems.

Our empathetic attitude towards understanding our customers’ pain points and finding the right solutions.

A service-oriented and efficient delivering experience mindset with a focus on the quality of services.

Demonstrating confidence and conviction in whatever we undertake.

Genesis of the Global Leader in Video Conferencing – UCS

Do you remember the Reliance Web World which is in every city nook? Web stores offered something for everyone to be connected to the new booming economy of Internet Services. Firmly believing in the need and owning a vision for a “connected India”, we took over and started as VCNOW in 2014. We were the innovators of an entire retail VC ecosystem in the former years when video had just kicked off and organizing a VC for even a large corporation was quite a bit of a chore. What started as a venture to help our existing customers continue to manage their VC connections transformed and accelerated the work that the earlier team was doing, supported by the ecosystem of ex-colleagues, Business / Channel Partners, Vendors, Customers, etc.

Enterprise VC Customers and Top Management Institutes reflected their trust in us and continued to associate with us as we grew from strength to strength. Our solutions have evolved by solving customer challenges which are then productized in the form of services or products, e.g., Live Real-time Translations in Meetings, Customer Shop Along, AI insights, e-AGMs, Virtual Events etc., We are often the Go-To Team in the VC, AV SI, Events, Market Research or Exec Education space when customers are faced with challenges. We built our reputation backed by “Mission Critical VIP Top Management Events” where “Nothing Can GO WRONG” – grounded in thorough checks and multiple backup plans and rekee.