Pexip VC Cloud

Empower seamless collaboration across platforms with
Pexip’s unified video conferencing solution

Pexip VC solution emphasizes ease of use and compatibility across different technology environments, enabling
seamless collaboration regardless of the devices or software being used.

Any room. any meeting.

Bridge the gap between modern video meeting platforms and existing meeting room devices.
Make hosting and joining video meetings a seamless experience with Pexip Connect Standard.



Additionally, Pexip infrastructure offers
several advantages and features

When integrated into your existing infrastructure, making it a versatile solution for
remote communication and collaboration.

Complete Management Suite:

One Touch Join:

Remote Management:


Leverage Current as is infra and builds in house capacity:

Robust infra Long term Support and scalability:

MS Teams Connector for Microsoft on-prem deployment on Infinity platform:

Connect to Zoom Cloud Room Connect – CRC Interconnect:


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Free optimization audit and service demo

Let our team walk you through the whole service along with free
Industry’s best VC infrastructure audit.

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