Events & Live Streaming

Enhance Your Event Engagement with VC Solutions.

Physical (On-ground) Events

By Virtue of its presence VCnow has the capability to provide trained on-site LED Walls or Displays, Event
Audio and Public Address (PA) Speaker Set ups, Multi Camera Video Capture and Mixer Set Ups, Video
Conference Setups with Back up, Chroma Set ups for People on Virtual Backdrops. Multi layering Supers,
Including Connectivity Set ups across Multiple Cities in India Content and Images

Production capabilities Facilities available:

  • Capturing – multiple audio video feeds, from multiple locations and devices, integrating, mixing
    the same and delivering them as per layouts required
  • Online Editing – Live online Editing
  • Screen Layovers / Supers – Custom branded screen layovers
  • Chroma Screen Capture
  • Assistance in attaching Virtual backgrounds for Presenters.
  • Content Playback – Images, Presentations, Audio, Videos
  • Connecting Conference Rooms as well as Desktops and Tabs / Mobiles

Virtual & Hybrid Events

Hybrid –</strong >Get the Best of Both the Worlds – Physical + Virtual – Content and images
The Post Pandemic era has resulted in Businesses As Usual Events in Physical Venues to be connected
Virtually to Online Audiences resulting in hybrid Events

eAGMs – VCNow is also the Partner of NSDL and CDSL and other Registered Transfer Agents (RTAs) for
executing eAGMs ie Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meetings through video
conferencing (VC) or other audio-visual means (OAVM) for Large listed companies across India.

Management of Critical VCs such as eAGM and Board Meetings – Team VCNow undertakes site
certification, pre-testing, and actively manages the Conference ie muting unmuting, layout, active trouble
shooting etc during these Very Imp VCs where nothing can go wrong

Online Events

With the Current upsurge in Online Events, Participants have reached a level of fatigue in participating in
Events or Webinars within the Boring Boxed up format of Cloud VC Event Platforms like Zoom or WebEx.
Stand out of the Box – Now Make your VC based online Events highly engaging and interactive in a
Customized Branded Environment rather than being boxed up in Standardized Cloud VC Event

Virtual Online Event Capabilities – Sets & Graphics:

  1. Walk through – Animation leading to Lobby
  2. Lobby – Animation Playback, 3D Static, 3D Interactive,
  3. Information / Help Desk
  4. Auditorium
  5. HTML 5 Browser based , accessible on all devices
  6. Event in Custom Environment as per Client Brief and brand guidelines
  7. Integration with Social Media Platforms

User engagement which make Online Events as Engaging as Physical Events:

  1. User Registration
  2. Engaging Screen Layouts
  3. Poll
  4. Chat
  5. Live 2 way interactions Q&A for Select identified Pre tested Participants
  6. Hybrid Interactions
  7. Customer Ads and Audio Visuals can be played before during and after the Event
  8. Break out Rooms

Event Analytics & Tracking – :

  1. Registered
  2. Viewed


  1. Live Translation in Video Conferencing and Events
  2. Transcription
  3. Multi Language Live Streaming
  4. Event Summaries and Key Highlights

Live Language Translations in Events – One of the Key Innovation is that VCNow delivers multi
language live VC and Streaming in Events


Course & Career growth, how it is connected

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Does different institutes make any difference?

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How to choose the right course?

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Priyanka Jadhav

Supply Chain Planner

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Milind Tahalani

Fintech Head
Flipkart Wholesale

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